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{ blosc_redux | a buzz lightyear of star command lj comm }

If you're a Toy Story or Buzz Lightyear fan, you've probably seen or heard
of the spin-off show Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. If you have, then
blosc_redux is the place for you! A community dedicated to discussing
the show, sharing fanworks, and just having fun! If you haven't,
now's a great time to get involved. We're still a pretty small community,
but with your help we can get bigger!


I have a recent fetish for blog crews and I was kind of disappointed not to see any BLoSC related ones. So I decided to make one instead! XDDD

Go here to claim your favorite character / pairing!
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If at First You Don't Succeed [focused on NOS-4-A2]

Fandom: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Title: If At First You Don't Succeed
Character(s)/Pairing(s): NOS-4-A2 (and some Emperor Zurg and misc. Grub)
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Notes: I have no knowledge on the actual mechanics of flight, so creative license. And hey, I'm once again diving into a retro fandom.
Summary: A young NOS-4-A2 practices flying.
Disclaimer: If I owned the show, there would season DVD sets.

Fantasmic -- a Disney RPG

see it in your mind
and you can find in your imagination:
mysteries and magic, visions fantastic
leading to strange and wondrous dreams

Nothing is more wonderful than the imagination. For, in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy. Or, an exciting adventure! But beware -- nothing is more powerful than the imagination. For it can also expand your greatest fears into an overwhelming nightmare. Experience Fantasmic -- a journey beyond your wildest imagination.

Maleficent believes she has finally found a way to reign supreme over the forces of good: send them into an eternal sleep! Joining forces with some of the most powerful villians of all time, she casts a spell that sends everyone; villians and heroes alike, into a deep sleep. A sleep in which dreams -- or even nightmares -- can reign supreme over all. For once the nightmares set in...there's no waking up!

Fantasmic is a Disney RPG set to include Disney characters and worlds from all across the years, from Cinderella to Giselle, Jack Sparrow to Mary Poppins. Leading or supporting, big or small, all are welcome in this plot. Characters will be given ways to travel between worlds to interact with different characters in new locations. Anything can happen, leave it to your imagination!

(Buzz and his fellow spacerangers are available!)
Nightmare Beej

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Hey there, kids. I know just about no one posts here anymore, but I thought it was about time for an update on Toy Story 3.

News on the sequel front has been increasingly positive. After Disney's purchase of Pixar (if you haven't heard this news yet, you're way out of the loop), Pixar has taken over production of Toy Story 3, including completely re-writing the script, and having John Lasseter direct. Recently, Tim Allen confirmed that he was attached to the movie, he believed that Tom Hanks would be coming back as well, and that "it's going to be great."

Article here:
Tim Allen: 'Toy Story 3' on Track

Looks like things are looking up for TS3. Currently, it's scheduled for release in 2008, right after Ratatouille.
emma watson

Beta Reader Needed

Okay so I know that this community hasn't been the most active, but I hope someone is reading this.

I have currently written a fan fiction about Mira, post the show and I would like to have someone to beta read it. Its about 1000 words, so its not too long.

Thank you in advance!